Reach your ideal shoppers right when they’re ready to buy!

Target a more qualified audience of active grocery shoppers

Influence shoppers when and where they are looking for your products

Inform your marketing efforts with unique consumer insights


Benefits of an AdAdapted Approach

Reach your active shoppers when it matters

Reach shoppers when they are planning their shopping trip

Serve ads for your product IN their shopping list apps

Reach shoppers before they shop, opposed to typical display ads that reach them AFTER using purchased data for targeting

Build brand loyalty

Turn generic searches into branded searches for your specific product!

Show shoppers branded ads for your product as they look for a similar product on their grocery list

Reach consumers who are likely to try your product

Gain unique visibility into your consumers

Track real-time brand awareness and loyalty as shoppers add your branded product to their shopping list

See trends in consumer’s shopping behavior for your product category

Look at their past shopping list behavior to know what they buy and how often


How our platform simply works




Kayla searches for items to put onto her digital grocery list

We serve Kayla a branded ad for your relevant product

Kayla adds your product to her grocery list or e-cart




Kayla buys your product in-store or online

We collect her grocery list data to improve your campaign performance


Add-to-List →

Get your brand on digital shopping lists.

Add-to-Cart →

Get your brand into digital carts with our e-commerce solution.

Keyword Intercept →

Catch shoppers while they search for items.

Consumer Insights →

Get visibility into consumer behavior with real-time data and insights.

See the Shorts Brew case study

The Shopping List Marketing Report

Short’s Drives Sales of New SKU and Discovers New Hot Markets

Learn more about what shopping list marketing is and how brands are taking advantage of this ad strategy to find and influence consumers

"We were inspired by the platform because it could take us one step closer to purchase. List building apps get our products closer in the customer journey to checkout, and AdAdapted gets our brand on the list."

Christa Brenner

Creative & Marketing Manager

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